Save Our Trainees!

There are some sad facts in education currently, listed below are two: The government has failed to reach its targets for teacher recruitment every year for the last seven years. (Guardian, 2019) More teachers are dropping out after their first year than at any time in the last 20 years, while one in three leave … Continue reading Save Our Trainees!

Pimp that Powerpoint

Clarity of explanation is vital One of the most important core teacher skills is being able to explain ideas clearly. It promotes understanding and leads to well organised schema forming in the minds of our pupils. So, how can we tweak our powerpoint slides and delivery of information to maximise learning through supporting our explanations? … Continue reading Pimp that Powerpoint

TSFL: Teaching Science as a Foreign Language

The Language of Science One my favourite factoids (which I cannot recall the source of and therefore substantiate) is that pupils learning GCSE science encounter more new words than when they study a foreign language. Usually directed at MFL teachers. Usually they don't believe me! It is quintessentially captured in the following quote from Via, … Continue reading TSFL: Teaching Science as a Foreign Language

Science Snippet 3: Worked Example Effect

This snippet will work well in the majority of subjects and has taken inspiration from several sources. The examples given are from my science lessons. The Worked Example Effect It first peaked my interest when I saw a maths example where problems were shown to pupils "in parallel" to help manage cognitive load by really … Continue reading Science Snippet 3: Worked Example Effect

Science Snippet 2: Integrated Instructions

Since reading Adam Boxer's excellent blog on the Slow Practical, in which he explores the cognitive demands placed on pupils by practical work, I have been carefully guiding pupils through experiments. As Adam points out, one of the disadvantages is that it takes more time and while practical work does need to be guided for … Continue reading Science Snippet 2: Integrated Instructions